Priory Chapter Royal Arch Masons

Chapter Number 4618

Priory Officers And Meeting Dates

First Principal: J. B. S. Gwatkin

Second Principal: S. B. Chapman

Third Principal: J. R. Crelly

Scribe E: A. W. Workman

Scribe N: J. Plummer

Treasurer: R. D. Clubb

Director Of Ceremonies: J. W. Yeldham

Principal Sojourner: S.J. Horne

First Assistant Sojourner: T. J. McCormick

Second Assistant Sojourner: D. Clarke

Assistant Director Of Ceremonies: R. Edwards

Organist: Vacant

Assistant Scribe E: L. C. Howard


J. P. Hawkins-Row

A. R. Fitch-Holland

D. S. Jenkins

C. A. Licence

A. C. Gentle

A. M. Beckham

Janitor: P. L. D. Gooch


Priory Chapter meets on the second Tuesday of January and June and the second Wednesday in May.